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Sultan Movie Movie - Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma - 2016

The project was earlier announced in June 2015 with a teaser released on YouTube. The first teaser was published on 11th April ant garnered more than 15 million views till date. Khan will be seen portraying Haryana-based wrestler in the film. Khan underwent wrestling training under the guidance of Larnell Stovall.

In October 2015, there were reports of American actor Sylvester Stallone being cast in the film as Khan's on-screen coach. However, Raja Mukerji, the Executive Producer of the film cleared that Stallone would not be starring in the film. Later, Sanjay Dutt was then rumored to play the role of coach according to Khan's insistence. However, Khan later reported that he never insisted Aditya Chopra for Dutt's role.